A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Initial Development during the Art Center Game Jam 2022, Theme: Through the Darkness

How to play: Use WASD to move the player, interactables are used by pressing E.

Summary: Help Lucy overcome trauma in her sleep while she's trapped in a doll version of herself. Her reoccurring dream is a chance for you to help her confront the trauma that burdens her. Reach her sleeping body to wake Lucy up.

Snooze is a 2D puzzle platformer about getting over the trauma of a loved one passing away. With the theme of Through the Darkness, we were given a chance as a team to explore what this experience would be and how one might deal with a trauma such as this one. For us, we wanted to reach a therapeutic resolve of letting go through the grieving process.

Team Members:

Sammy Gerolaga- Game Design/ Programming 

Simon Smith - Game Design Lead Game Design Programmer

Avery Taylor - Game Design /Programming

Kotta Katsuda - Artist

Victor Imo - Artist

Franklin Wu - Game Design / Level Design

Mandel Canter - Game Design / Sound Effects & Composition/ Programming

Clark Qian - Game Design


Snooze.Win.Final.7z 36 MB
Snooze.IOS.Final.7z 36 MB


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Moody and thoughtful. A short but sweet journey through trauma and bouncy ladybugs. Nice work Poggy Water!

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Hello MandelCanter, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

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Gameplay Link:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, the team spent a ton of time working long and hard over the course of the 48 hours, i'm happy you could make a video sharing your thoughts on it.